Connect Knox is an Initiative to Connect, Align, and Mobilize Community Members

Connect Knox is a community-centered initiative that connects people who have ideas and energies to invest in our community with others who are equally passionate about making big, new ideas happen.


Connect Knox will gather information from the various local communities and ask leaders and residents to Power Up by providing input and feedback to determine a small set of priorities for each year.  

Additionally, Connect Knox will encourage community members to Plug In through speaker series and events relating to current issues in our area.

Simply stated, Connect Knox is about connecting the right people to the right issues at the right time.

Plug In! – Connecting great people & great ideas

We will create a speaker’s series to explore, engage, and educate. Connect Knox community events will be focused on creating conversations and connecting people.

Power Up! – Energizing a great community

Connect Knox will gather information using a variety of tools to collectively determine a small set of community priorities each year. Connect Knox will then connect and convene community members to create action plans to address those priorities.

Connect Knox has utilized the lessons learned from other successful community-focused initiatives through active involvement and partnership with two national networks – CEO’s for Cities and the Thriving Cities Project.

Connect Knox has teamed up with the Thriving Cities Project to review data and consult on initial findings for priority setting for the community.