The Big Table

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The Big Question

What is The Big Table?


Connecting and interacting with others in person is important mentally and socially. In today’s world, human connection and interaction is still very relevant and much needed. With new technologies being developed daily and more “conversations” taking place online, human connections are critical to the future of our community.

Families sit around the table over dinner, sharing our views, discussing passionately, and building towards a common view that takes into account collective opinions. That is what The Big Table is about – our city is a family with different needs and different viewpoints, but we are all collectively invested in the long-term health of our community. The dining table is the safe space to bring all that together.

The Big Table takes place on one day in various locations across our area. It is a day of community building designed to bolster understanding of one another in these challenging times. Volunteers will host tables of 8-10 people around the city to create conversation and encourage people to talk to one another. By coming together around tables, everyone has the opportunity to talk, listen, and learn from each other. These are not scripted or facilitated conversations but an opportunity to talk openly about how we are doing as a community.

Taking place on Thursday, August  29, 2019, The Big Table Knoxville will bring together thousands of people representing different backgrounds, neighborhoods, and interest groups to join more than 150 tables to connect and discuss of our community.

The focus of the day is not about looking for faults or issues or finding immediate solutions for them, but rather on creating authentic human connection and civic engagement through the conversations that occur and the ideas that are shared.

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    Conversations can happen anywhere in the Greater Knoxville area. Table hosts will select venues to host their “Big Table” event including their homes, at churches, community centers, businesses, restaurants, backyards, and picnic areas.

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    Like the location, refreshment choices are up to the table host. Hosts may choose any food and drink that guests can enjoy together. Refreshments may range from light snacks to full meals and everything in between.

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